Common Auto Bulbs (LED)

REGARDING TURN SIGNALS, COMPUTER MONITORED LAMPS, AND LEDs:  Our LEDs bulbs are a non-canbus lights.  Canbus is required on some vehicles if the vehicle computer checks for burned out bulbs, or for turn signals (may cause signal to blink rapidly).  Trailer lights, as well as some RVs, do not require Canbus LEDs.

To test for compatibility, remove all of the bulbs on one side you wish to replace, enter the vehicle and start the motor, then turn the turn signal on.  If the indicator and remaining bulbs blink at the normal rate, you can use this bulb as is, but if it blinks rapidly this is not compatible.  A Heavy Duty or LED Specific Turn Signal Relay Load Resistor can also be put in the circuit to cure rapid blink problems or some computer error programs.  We do not sell Canbus Tail LEDs at this time as this adds a large amount of heat to the light, so you will either sacrifice brightness or lifespan.