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Pandemic Info

Pandemic Information as related to M4 LED Products

M4 will continue to ship orders as usual at this time (Monday - Friday) as we are classified at a Hardware/Lighting Supplier.

M4 has a small/single staff warehouse in Southern California.  We have plenty of stock in house with only a select few items that are currently out of stock.  All incoming boxes, whether returns, exchanges, or incoming replenishment stock, that are handled by the post office or any ohter carrier, will be isolated for 48 hours before processing.  Just as everyone else is doing, we are diligently washing and otherwise observing social distancing.

Our showroom is closed, but orders "for pickup" can still be placed and picked up at the door by appointment.

This season and beyond, after the current suggested travel restrictions, RV camping, and especially Boondocking, is a good alternative to airline and resort travel.  In many parts of the country, there are remote areas to camp, often at no charge, especially in the Western States.  When replenishing supplies, or fueling, ensure you are following hand washing protocols.

As you probably know, we don't just sell LED products, we are RVers too.  Our RV serves not only as our regular camping accommodations, but it is also our Emergency backup plan.  We live here in earthquake country, so we always park the RV with at least half a tank of fuel, top the water, have plenty of propane, and ensure everything in the RV is ready to use.  Making the RV as efficient as possible is also very important if there is a disruption of utility services or fuel, so we run solar to recharge, and of course have all LED lighting to save power, and carry efficient LED flashlights, to extend our resources in the event of an emergency.

Stay safe.

Steve at M4 LED Products